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Experience Bare Cuisine Influences 


I wanted to create a cuisine that blended some of the nutritional cuisines that I have looked at and some that I have had the opportunity to have worked, lived there.

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The inspiration for my food are from the places that I have been blessed to have travelled too or had the pleasure of working and living in.  Wandering through local neighborhoods, searching for a local jewel of a cafe or restaurant or stumbling into a local purveyors or wine merchant; is a favorite pastime of mine;  there is always something new and unexpected to see and discover around every corner off the beaten track and I've included some of these wonderful spots that have inspired me to do what I do 

Raw Carrot, Radish and Carrot top Pesto

Bare Cuisine

Bare cuisine provides a place where we can look to explore and bring together healthy food from around the world. Celebrating different cultures and cuisines and bringing them together to create new and exciting dishes that are immunity boosting and delicious.

Bare Cuisine

Ital Cuisine

I was first came across and was introduced to Ital cuisine at the Body Holiday Resort in St. Lucia. Ital is based within the Rastafarian religion which comes from the word Vital, which means vitality, energy, or life force, intended to improve your health and energy, with high vibrational foods.

Rastafarians refer to the universal energy which binds us all as livity.

Ital cuisine is a vegan diet, with its roots firmly based in most common principles are that the food should be organic, and from the earth. No processed foods or meat or dairy are to be consumed, as this cuisine is as much about a spiritual relationship with food as it is about nourishing the body. Also many who strictly follow this lifestyle sometimes avoid alcohol and other stimulants.

Ital is rooted in the idea that we are one with nature, and that we are its protectors and therefore have an abundance of everything to survive and live that comes naturally from the earth. this is what attracted me to this wonderful cuisine.

I take a look at the recipes and its nutritional content, look at how its influence in other cuisine's.

Ital Cuisine
Ayurveda Cuisine
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Ayurveda Cuisine

Ayurveda was introduced at The Body Holiday as part of a new program for the clients, linking Harley Street Doctors with Ayurvedic doctors and Chefs to develop Ayurvedic, individual diet plans to help the body repair and replenish.

Ayurvedic cuisine is based in Indian culture that is a natural and holistic approach to our human physical and mental health. In Sanskrit, the words Ayur, means "life" and veda, meaning "science " or "knowledge" has been passed down for over 5000 years. Ayurveda is based on the premise that there are three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Ayurveda belief is that disease and illness are imbalances within the body and a disconnect from nature. By knowing your Dosha

you can treat all modern illnesses through nutrition and the holistioc approach to Ayurveda way of life, including daily yoga and meditation


Like Ital, Ayurveda takes into account each individuals bio-individuality and each persons connection through body-mind and spirit, this is a common theme through most of these ancient health practices 

In Ayurveda, as with all other nutritional and medicinal practices believe that all disease begins in the gut,  understanding and addressing your digestive health is the start of truly healing from all modern diseases and illnesses. 

Alchemy of Food
Molecular Health

Alchemy of food is something that I have wanted to dive into and having taken a major interest in during my food and nutritional journey and the biology of how our bodies process and develop, on a molecular level.

 I wanted to look at what links all these ancient philosophies, food, cultures and religions through nature and the earth we inhabit. The strong connection and disconnection we now have and the complex relationships we have with our food today.

We are quite literally what we eat, therefore becoming the environment that you live in, habitat and our future development, in wanting to become aware of the molecular and consciousness that allows us to actively co-create who we are and who we become.

Natural Food is a gift from the earth, creating ourselves through love and discovering our earthly selves. 

Bare Herbs
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Plant Medicine

Plants and herbs as medicine ?

Natures Pharmacy was used to heal and provide treatment for illnesses throughout our history.

Before synthetic and chemically produced drugs become our go to for quick, efficient healing, more commonly known as western medicine become the go to for our healing remedies. We should be looking to get back to creating our connection with nature as humans and should look to nature to provide us with the blueprint for a lot of our cures for the now commonly known diseases and illnesses that are present in today society through commonly found plants and herbs and ancient medicinal practices  

Hunting and foraging
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