Meet The Chef

Meet The Chef


Crafting a culinary culture of health and wellbeing.

The Training 

Like most chefs, I began my culinary journey by working my way up the food chain. I started work at The Clifton Arms in Lytham St. Annes, under the watchful eye of Chef Paul Caddy. I gained hands-on experience in various departments, while also attending catering college and learning the ropes with local merchants and purveyors.


After three years, I graduated to the Michelin star Northcote Manor, where I worked under the legendary Chef Nigel Haworth. Since then, I’ve enjoyed a varied career spanning 25 years, working in some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants from Bali to Beverly Hills, picking up a range of culinary and nutritional qualifications along the way.


This includes certification in plant-based nutrition through an online programme at Cornell University, led by the esteemed Dr T. Colin Campbell, and further qualifications in elite sports nutrition from Matthew Kenny. Most recently, I’ve worked as a plant-based personal chef for a high-profile private client, and have consulted in the development of nutritionally balanced health foods in Los Angeles.



After devouring as much knowledge and practical skills as I could in restaurants across the UK, I set off on a journey of discovery around the world. A Captain Cook of sorts, I was determined to discover the most influential diets from the ancient world. I became fascinated by the cultures I came across and the important role of cuisine in the local community.
Food is the common ground that binds us. It’s a language we all speak; it says hello when we are unable to do so ourselves. I developed a passion for learning the dialects of different diets in less developed countries, where food doubles as a holistic health remedy in place of widespread westernized medicine. 
To eat in these countries is to go back in time – to a period when sustenance relied heavily on a farm to fork mentality with seasonal ingredients and minimal processing. I realized there was a lot to be learned from these communities.

The Telling

This culinary journey led me to discover the vast and varied ways food affects our overall health and wellbeing. It shed a light on the issues faced with current farming practices, and the way diet is inherently woven into the fabric of our society. I began researching the scientific relationship between nutrition and health, and the foods that can have the biggest impact on our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.


Bare Cuisine was born to share these discoveries with the world. I’ve developed this platform to cultivate a collective of health and wellbeing advice, news, and recipes, drawing on whole superfoods, recipes, and dietary innovations found in all four corners of the globe.


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